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West High's Brendon Aitken

Brendon Aitken 

Brendon Aitken
Social Studies Teacher
West High School

"Mr. Aitken truly cares about his students’ learning as well as their success and wellbeing outside of his classroom. He is passionate about the subject he teaches and never hesitates to help his students grow and do their best. Mr. Aitken prepared my class for every aspect of the AP Exam despite the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, he equipped us with studying tools we will carry into our futures. He puts a great amount of effort into educating and has left a lasting impression on me as well as fellow classmates. Mr. Aitken is an exemplary instructor that any student is and would be lucky to have."

"Mr. Aitken is the reason I did so well in AP Human Geography and on the AP test, even through the surprise attack known as COVID-19 and its pandemic. He truly cared about his students and never hesitated to help any student so they could do their best. He goes above and beyond to show how passionate he is about the class he teaches and the effort he puts into instructing his students. Although I don't think gloating is fit for a daily activity, the Shine Award will grant him somewhat silent bragging rights, and rightfully so. He has every right to take pride in the work he does as a teacher and how he ensures that we grow as high school students and as people. Mr. Aitken left a lasting impact on me and many other students of what a good teacher is and should strive to be. I feel extremely lucky to have had him as a teacher, and I hope future students feel the same. There are teachers that I remember forever to be phenomenal educators, and I can guarantee that Mr. Aitken is one of them."