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Lincoln Elementary's Brent Criswell

Brent Criswell  

Brent Criswell
Lincoln Elementary

"Mr. Criswell is a wonderful teacher that empowers his pupils not just as learners and students but as citizens. He shows us that there are always going to be challenges in your learning, as well as in life, that's why you have to stay committed and think outside of the box to overcome them. He helps his students to forge their own path and enjoy the road of education, and to see a creative and modern way of thinking and learning as a person. He allows his students to help teach him as he teaches them, and to shape the way the classroom is run. Every day in Mr. Criswell's classroom for the students is interesting and inspiring. This is why I, and many others, believe that Mr. Criswell should be recognized as a great teacher and for his many years of dedicated work in the ICCSD." 

"Mr. Criswell is the best teacher ever. He is nice and funny. He respects his students and fellow co-workers. He also helps his students learn in a fun environment. I just think personally that he is amazing."

"Brent Criswell encouraged our 5th grade class to work to solve problems outside of school. He helped us solve problems that affected the whole world, and taught us good life lessons about caring for the earth and caring for others at the same time. He made school much more enjoyable. Mr. Criswell not only taught us math, science, LA, and social studies, he helped improve our social and emotional skills and we learned that we should respect ourselves as well as others. 5th grade was my favorite year of school, so far, and I am not the only one who has this opinion."