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Lemme Elementary's Jim Duthie

Jim Duthie  

Jim Duthie
Lemme Elementary

"When I was being coached or taught by Mr. Duthie, I always felt comfortable being who I was. The fun yet hard-working atmosphere he made, wanted you to get work done but also enjoy the people around you. I learned a lot about who I was from Mr. Duthie and he will always be one of my favorites." 

"When I was in eighth grade, Mr. Duthie was my basketball coach. He taught us about not only basketball but also valuable life lessons. I look up to Mr. Duthie. Even as I am in my junior year of high school, I am using the stuff he taught me in 8th grade and I know that, as I get older, I can rely on him to get me through whatever comes my way."

"He is the reason I am a coach today and some of the best memories I have are in his PE class playing backboard dodgeball. He has this effect on all children who go through Lemme and they can all tell you the fond memories of PE. All the kids who had him as a coach for baseball and football will remember it being the best coaching they got in those programs. He is just someone you can count on and he will always make you smile or laugh, even if you are upset. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than him."

"I’ve known Mr. Duthie since I was in kindergarten. He has been a huge part of my academic career and especially my athletic career. Every day at Lemme I would be so excited for our “special day” (what they called it back then). On Mondays, Wednesday’s, and Fridays we would get to go to PE. Those days were the best because of Mr. Duthie. I’ve made so many memories playing benchball and pin guard and just talking about the Hawkeyes with him.

In 3rd grade, I broke my arm playing football and had to sit out of PE for like 6 weeks. But honestly those weeks were the best because instead of running around I got to talk with him. He would ask me questions about baseball and my favorite teams and as a 3rd grader all you want to do is talk about yourself.

In 4th grade, the Cardinals played the Texas Rangers in the World Series and Mr. Duthie went to one of the games. At the time I was a huge Rangers fan because I had played on the little league rangers team. I was walking home one day after school and I remember my friend told me Mr. Duthie wanted to see me. At first, I thought I had gotten in trouble, which was not unusual then. However, I go into the gym and Mr. Duthie says, “are you a Rangers fan?” And I go “yes” and he says “well I have stuff from the World Series that you might want some of it”. He gave me a Texas Rangers flag as well as Texas Rangers cups he got at the game. It was only literally a flag and cups but I. Was. Freaking. Out. That has been my favorite gift I’ve ever gotten. I have no idea how Mr. Duthie knew that I was a Rangers fan but he genuinely cares about his students and wants to better their lives.

I got to know Mr. Duthie more when I played for his freshman baseball team where I was once again met with more injuries. During the season, there was still a small possibility I could play at the end of the season and I just remember getting texts from him every week asking how I was and if I’d be able to play. I never did.

This past year I had the opportunity to help Mr. Duthie with the freshman teams GameChanger (statistics) of the team. It was a job as simple as just pressing ball or strike whenever it happened but Mr. Duthie and I would always talk baseball in the dugout. Sometimes he would even consult me on when to put in or pull a pitcher.

Mr. Duthie has been an excellent role model from when I was 5 to now and for all of his students he’s taught. I genuinely believe he betters the lives of all his students." 

"Mr. Duthie was not only a great PE teacher, but a great role model and guiding figure while I was at Lemme 1st through 6th grade.  He helped all the students be the best they could be as well as have fun."

"I was super lucky to have Mr. Duthie be my PE teacher in elementary. He’s super kind and amazing. He’s just an all around awesome person. He has helped me through a lot and put a smile on my face and made me laugh on days I didn’t want too. He’s also helped me become a better person and I’m super thankful for him." 

"I think Mr. Duthie deserves this award because he is a nice, funny teacher who pushes you to do your best."

"Coach Duthie not only takes away the stress of baseball, but he also allows the kids to have fun. Coach Duthie’s approach to the game is unique and unrivaled.  He’s had many 30 win seasons in a 40 game season. Coach Duthie helps kids to grow as a baseball player, but also as people. There are a great many practices that Coach Duthie decided to not practice baseball, but to help us grow as young men in our community. Four years later and Coach Duthie’s teachings are more relevant in my life than most of what I’ve learned in school."

"Mr. Duthie has been a wonderful influence on his students and athletes. I for one have had the pleasure of being both. Mr. Duthie has always made the P.E. and team environment exciting. He has open arms for all his students and other athletes."

"Mr. Duthie always made PE super fun and always made sure that everyone was included in everything. I don’t play baseball, but from what I’ve heard he is an awesome coach and everyone loves having him as a coach."

"He should win this award because he made PE enjoyable for everyone, which is a very hard thing to do. He had people exercising and having fun at the same time. I am in high school now and, looking back on my time in elementary, I will always look back at how much fun I had in his class."

"Mr. Duthie is a very fun teacher.  He always makes you do your best and is a very good PE teacher. I was always excited to go to PE, even if I didn’t like what we had to do in class because he would make it better."

"Mr. Duthie is an amazing coach and teacher!"

"Mr. Duthie is a very honest and genuine person."

"Mr. Duthie always made PE so fun and had good relationships with the students."

"Mr. Duthie is a great coach and does his job well."

"Mr. Duthie is always positive and gets along with kids." 

"Mr. Duthie was an amazing PE teacher.  He was very inspiring and encouraging."

"Mr. Duthie was the best PE teacher ever!"