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West High's Brad Wymer

Brad Wymer  

Brad Wymer
West High School

"Mr. Wymer, there's so many things to say about him, but no matter how much or what you keep saying, it will never be enough. I've never been more influenced by a teacher in my whole life than him. Mr. Wymer is a resplendent teacher that I have been excited to work with since 4 years ago when a former west high student told me about him. I am incredibly appreciative to have had him as my biology teacher in my freshman year, in fact, I enjoyed him as a teacher so much I tried to get him into being an AP biology teacher so I could have him my sophomore year as well.

Mr. Wymer is not only willing to help students in his class but he's also willing to help students that he's never met before that walk in for help. I've often gone to him for help in math and he's quizzed me before my first AP test, which was a lot of help. Mr. Wymer is the type of amazing teacher that's willing to show up to school at 5 am if you need to learn something before one of his tests.

He doesn't just teach you biology, he teaches you life skills, like what type of formatting you need for your papers in college, how to work when you're having a rough day, or as simple as how to manage around the amount of homework we get as students. He tells you stories from his life when he was our age and somehow includes it into our daily biology lessons, which makes learning in his class something you want to do, you don't dread it.

The most important thing Mr. Wymer has taught me is, how to communicate with those around me, especially teachers, to let them know what's going on in your life because teachers are more understanding than you think. Something I will never forget in my life is that Mr. Wymer had given his whole biology class a 2-week project, and those two weeks I had been missing a lot of school. The night before the project was due, I decided to tell him that I had barely gotten done with the project, I thought he would be really disappointed and angry with me, but instead, he said, "It's okay, life happens, I'm glad you communicated. You can give it to me next week."

I've never been more thankful to have a teacher like him. He deserves more than anyone I know to be recognized for all the work he does because what should take an army to do, it only takes one Wymer."