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North Central's Ryan Steward

Ryan Steward  

Ryan Steward
American Studies Teacher
North Central Junior High

"Mr. Steward is an amazing teacher. Along with the long list of responsibilities as a teacher, Mr. Steward goes beyond and does his best to help kids academically, but more importantly teaches kindness, respect, and responsibility. He also gives up his time that he could be spending with his family to coach girls basketball and soccer. The hard homework assignments and lectures he gives us helps each and every one of us prepare for high school. He never fails to help students either as a friend with advice or a teacher with feedback. He has given up his own time to help my friends and I solve problems and learn to forgive and accept the past and move forward, bettering ourselves for the future. He has mentioned ways to get out of the tough situations and make more mature decisions. The amount of support he provides for his students is out of this world. No other teacher can replace Mr. Steward, I cannot say or do enough to express how thankful I am for a teacher who pushes me academically and supports me when I need it. The long amount of hours spent teaching the students and coaching the players shows how much he cares and loves what he does. If anyone was to receive the Shine Award, Mr. Steward definitely deserves it."