Public Comment Guidelines

  •                                                                                   ICCSD Public Comment Guidelines

    Welcome to the Iowa City Community School District. All Board meetings, work sessions and committee meetings are open to the public and the Board of Education encourages and welcomes input from the community. To that end, during Board meetings, there are opportunities for members of the public to
    address the Board as delineated in the ICCSD School Board Policy: Participation of the Public at Board Meetings available on the district web site. The Board President conducts meetings of the Board and will adhere to guidelines set in place by that policy.

    To promote a positive educational environment at Board meetings and to ensure the respect and dignity due every stakeholder under District policy, the following guidelines are in place:
    • Individuals wishing to address the Board, should complete a speaker’s form available near the entry to the boardroom. Speakers should include their name, address and topic they wish to speak on.
    • The speaker should submit their form to the presiding secretary, usually seated at the end of the Board table.
    • The speaker will be recognized by the Board President during the Community Comment portion of the agenda.
    • Once recognized to speak, the speaker should address the Board from the microphone and should clearly state their name, address, and topic for public record.
    • Once recognized to speak, speakers are limited to four (4) minutes of public comment. A timer will be displayed to ensure that all speakers are allotted their full four minutes.
    • Speaker comments should be related to matters of public concern.
    • Comments by individuals recognized by the Board President will only be made from the microphone. Comments made from the audience shall be considered out of order.
    • All persons will be treated with respect and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

    For reference, the ICCSD Board Policy regarding Participation by the Public at Board Meetings can be found below.

     ICCSD School Board Policies


    The Board of Directors of the Iowa City Community School District encourages input from the residents of the school district. The following policies describe how the Board will interact with the public during Board Meetings.


    It shall be the policy of the Board to provide opportunities for public participation in open meetings of the Board. It is generally expected that public participation is a time for community input and not a discussion with the board. It is also expected that members of the public and the Board will address each other with civility and respect.


    A community comment topic is included in the agenda of every regular meeting. Those who wish to speak must complete a Speaker’s Form. During community comment persons may speak to the Board about topics relevant to the District.

    All community comment, directed at non agenda items and agenda items, shall take place at the beginning of the meeting and shall be limited to 4 minutes per speaker. 

    The initial community comment period shall be limited to 1 hour.

    Remaining community comment, to the extent necessary, shall take place at the end of the meeting.


    It is the prerogative of Board members to ask speakers questions during the presentation or make comments as frequently as necessary to clarify the speaker’s input. The audience is not allowed to interrogate or debate issues with Board members.

    Board meetings are conducted by the Board President. Board members and members of the public will conform to the Board President’s rulings on procedural matters.

    The Board President may terminate any person’s privilege of addressing the Board for persistent violations of conduct by a participant repeatedly declared out of order for violations of the above rules.


    Approved: September 8, 2009
    Revised: June 23, 2015