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New Classes for 2021-2022


    Community Art 

    This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to focus on the social service and creative development art projects.  Students will explore social issues and community needs when designing community art work.  Projects may include but are not limited to murals, sculpture installations, elementary school outreach projects or art gardens
    GRADE LEVEL: 9-12  
    CATEGORY: Elective-Art
    LENGTH:  One Trimester

    African American Literature 

    This course explores the history and culture of Africa and the African-American experience in an interdisciplinary format with a central focus on the emergence of black postmodernism.  The course will read, dissect and engage in discourse surrounding African-American writers inspired and involved in politics, the evolution of the Black Aesthetic Movements, Black feminist and womanist literature, the emergence of the alleged Third Renaissance (1990’s and 2000’s), and the artistic contributions of African-Americans to American culture. The course will concentrate primarily on strengthening student discourse, critical thinking, and writing skills
    GRADE LEVEL: 11-12  
    CATEGORY: Elective-Fulfills English 11 or English 12 requirement   
    PREREQUISITE: English 9 and English 10
    LENGTH:  1 Year

    AP Physics 2

    This second-year AP Physics course continues the rigorous college-level curriculum, with a focus on topics not covered in the first year course.  These topics include fluids, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, quantum, and atomic & nuclear physics.  The topics, laboratory investigations, and application questions involve high-level problem solving and analysis.  This course will prepare students to take the Advanced Placement Physics 2 exam in May.
    GRADE LEVEL: 11-12  
    CATEGORY: Elective-Fulfills Science requirement   
    PREREQUISITE: Pre-Calculus and AP Physics or General Physics
    LENGTH:  1 Year

    Thinking Mathematically

    This trimester long course is designed to support students in their high school math experience.  Students will explore the importance of mindset as it relates to success in mathematics.  This course will be offered concurrent to Algebra 1 and will include learning around foundational mathematics concepts.   
    GRADE LEVEL: 9th
    CATEGORY: Elective
    LENGTH: 1 Trimester, course may be repeated for credit

    Introduction to Computer Science

    This introductory computer science course covers five major topics including Computer Systems, Networks and Internet, Data and Analysis, Algorithms and Programming and the Impacts of Computing.  Students will learn how to create technology based solutions, like creating an algorithm to solve a real-world problem.  They will also learn how to decompose (break- down) the steps needed to solve a problem into a precise sequence of instructions.  This course would be a good starting point for students interested in taking higher level computer science courses or for just getting a general introduction to the computer science field
    GRADE LEVEL: 9-12  
    CATEGORY: Math
    LENGTH:  One Trimester