Our Services

  • We provide primary and mental healthcare services to residents of Johnson County, ages 0-21, who are uninsured, underinsured (such as high deductible), and those who experience barriers to healthcare. We also help to connect insured and/or eligible families to appropriate resources. Healthy Kids cannot act as a full-fledged medical home for students of the district as we are limited in provider hours and resources however we will happily help to connect a family with a regular doctor if this has yet to be established. 

    Our mental healthcare services include referrals for counseling and other services. We have a child and adolescent psychiatrist who provides limited hours to Healthy Kids through a partnership with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Please contact the Healthy Kids Mental Health Clinic Coordinator at (319) 631-3204 or contact your child's designated Student and Family Advocate with questions on how to initiate this referral process. 

    Clinic services include: 

    • Well-child physicals
    • Pre-participation athletic physicals
    • Immunizations
    • Treatment of illnesses
    • Prescription for medication
    • Health education
    • Assistance for families needing a healthcare provider
    • Assistance for families applying for TXIX or Hawk-I
    • Referral for dental care
    • Referral for eye care
    • Referral for x-rays
    • Referral for laboratory tests
    • Referral for mental health services
    • Referral for sexual health

    Services we do not offer: 

    • Hospitalizations 
    • Emergency visits